The Power of Three – Accumulation, Manipulation, Distribution

Day Trading Rauf has unveiled the “Power of Three” concept, a trading strategy that delves deep into the fundamentals of market dynamics. In this blog, we will explore this concept’s core principles, emphasizing its application on various timeframes, including monthly, weekly, and daily fractals.

Understanding the Power of Three:

To excel in trading, one must comprehend the three major market cycles that make up the Power of Three:

Accumulation Phase:

During this phase, often referred to as the “smart money” phase, traders accumulate long or short positions.

To identify what’s being accumulated, look at the Open, Low, High, and Close (OLHC) of a given period.

For example, when longs are being accumulated, you’ll typically see the opening price as the key point.

Manipulation Phase:

The manipulation phase, represented by the “low” in OLHC, is where market makers engineer price movements.

Traders seek long opportunities at or below the opening price, anticipating that market makers want to trigger sell stops for their buy orders.

Distribution Phase:

During this phase, the “smart money” distributes the accumulated positions to willing buyers at a premium price. It’s a phase where breakout opportunities often arise.

Here’s the YouTube video on this concept :


Fractal Nature of Price:

Price movements are fractal, meaning that the Power of Three concept can be applied to any timeframe. However, for clarity, let’s zoom out and examine a monthly OHLC candle, looking for accumulation, manipulation, and distribution.

OLHC Analysis:

Weekly Power of Three Fractal from the Monthly:

Daily Power of Three Fractal from the Monthly:

Examples of Accumulation, Manipulation, Distribution:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Universal Application:

The Power of Three is a universal concept, applicable across different timeframes. What happens on higher time frames mirrors the behavior on lower time frames, and vice versa.

By focusing on these phases and applying them across various timeframes, traders can make informed decisions and improve their trading strategies. Funded trading programs offer a unique avenue for traders to access capital and further their trading careers. In the ever-evolving world of trading, mastering the Power of Three is a crucial step towards consistent success.

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