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What Makes BESPOKE DIFFERENT Funded Trader Programs?

Instant Credentials

All traders will receive instant credentials once purchased and immediately after stage 1 they will receive their stage 2 logins, granting them instant access to our trading platform and the ability to start trading right away.

No Time Limit

Our Challenge accounts operate without a time limit, allowing traders to hold their accounts for as long as needed to pass the challenge, taking stress away from our traders.

Auto Close

Another way we minimise stress of our traders within the challenge phases is by utilising our auto close feature. Our challenge accounts come equipped with an auto-close feature that automatically closes positions once the profit target has been reached.

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Purchase Account

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Pass Evaluation Phases and show that you can trade!

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Receive up to $2,000,000 in active funding with BFP

Step 1

Purchase Account

Step 2

Pass Evaluation Phases and show that you can trade!

Step 3

Receive up to $2,000,000 in active funding with BFP

BFP Growth Plan

We have designed a fantastic growth plan for our successful traders who consistently manage risk well and profit. Have the ability to earn a monthly salary, reduced payout times, increased balance and more daily drawdown allowance!

Take a look at our different account tiers to see the benefits you can get from scaling with BFP.

Keeping Track, Made Easy

Singular Dashboard to keep track of everything.

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